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The New Kid On The Block

The Liger
The Dad
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Roaring Feedback
Eyes Of The Pride

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As The Intro Goes

You are on Safari, deep in the plains of Africa, You and your entourage have been driving throughout the night to make it to base camp, about 100 miles further in. Then without warning a tire on one of the vehicles blows and your expedition comes to a thunderous halt. Being an experienced woodsman you jump from the vehicle to aid your guide in fixing the tire, as to get on your way quickly.

Moments later you and your guide are found bent down in front of the tire attempting to fix it. The glow from your lamps and vehicle lights can be seen in the darkness for miles. A moment or two passes while you work diligently, then for no apparent reason you get that spine tingling urge to turn around.

Dismissing the urge as nerves you continue your work. Minutes pass and your guide slowly turns over his shoulder and you find his eyes slowly widening. Your head turns almost instantaneously. You find your eyes connecting to a pair of glowing balls a hundred yards off into the darkness. Reflective globes of fury, locked and following your every move. A fear you have never known before over comes you, true fear. For the first time you the hunter have become the hunted. You and your guide in an almost unison fashion slowly rise, and attempt to get back into the Jeep.

The longest second of your life passes as the shots ring out. Your eyes move away from the globes for an instant to see your crew firing shot after shot into the vicinity of the glowing balls. In an almost hideous rage of excitement and silence a gigantic beast flies out of the nothingness and into your path, guns firing all around you, though you here nothing. Your entire being all that you are is owned in this moment by this beast. Your eyes lock and and for one brief nanosecond you are one being, then the beast springs...

"CHOMP" You spring off your bed like a bat out of hell and nearly whack yourself on the ceiling fan. Your senses are peaked and you land fists clenched ready to fight for your life. A moment later the realization that it has all been a really odd dream hits. You focus down at the ground by your feet where your dog sits snapping at your toes.

You walk over to the computer and tap the mouse to see if you have any new mail, your screensaver flashes an image of a full grown Liger jumping out of the bushes. You adrenaline instantly spikes and you jump back, stumbling over the dog and landing head first onto the wood floor below. You find your mind screaming the same phrase over and over again.

"It's So Big"