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The New Kid On The Block

The Liger
The Dad
The Mom
Liger Links
Roaring Feedback
Eyes Of The Pride

Cited Works
Technical Specs & Note

In creating this site I gathered relative information about my topic the liger.

Then gathered relative information about his heritage through the father lion and mother tigress.

Then once I had a factual understanding and was ready to start my page creation. I went out and found a generic site template .

I stripped the template and changed the attributes of it using FrontPage 2003. I then created the site using the template as my backbone.

Over the next few days I created page by page and then added images as needed.

I used the FAQ & Gallery Wizards through Frontpage2003 to design said sites.

I then designed a feedback page and labeled the appropriate attributes.

I then went back and found the resource information for all the content I had used on the site and checked their individual hyper links there fore.

I then hosted and tested the site.

I then edited the email link for the feedback page to my instructors email address.

Finally I reposted the site.

Then I deleted the site because the banners at Tripod ruined my sites presentation.

I repeated all the steps above only  this time I created the website myself through Frontpage.

Here is the link to the picture of the sites actual navigation structure.

Navigation Structure